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We take pride in using quality pure seed. Best germination rates without filler seed. All seed mixes are designed with a purpose. The seed we plant is only as good as the soil. Using certain mixes to build soil conditions will help make the blends more palatable. This will make your plots more desirable and provide the herd with the nutrients they need. From season start to seasons end we have a mix to fit.

clover seed
clover field

Quick Start Clover


​Establishing a new clover plot can take time. This blend of Reds and Whites is designed to help speed up the process. Fast growing red clover will germinate quickly allowing the whites to fill in while keeping the weeds in check. Create a long lasting plot or use as a plow down for your fall plots. Get a jump start with Quick Start Clover.

  • Planting Dates:  Planting Spring in the North to Fall in the South

  • Planting Rates:  3.5 lbs = 1/2 acre

  • Planting Depth:  1/4”

deer seed

10 Ring


The perfect combination of everything deer want and need. This buffet makes the ideal fall attraction plot. Producing early season greens followed by winter hardy food source. Making this the plot to draw them in close to hit that 10 Ring.

  • Planting Dates :  Late July- Early September

  • Planting Rate :  12.5 lbs. = 1/2 acre

  • Planting Depth :  1/2'‘ to 3/4”

sugar beets

Sugar Beets


Highly nutritious and attractive to deer. Palatable during early season with leafy greens. Then high in sugar and protein in the bulbs for late season. Great for the perfect hunt plot or as an addition to a brassica mix.

  • Planting Dates : Late June to August 1

  • Planting Rate : 2 lbs = 1/4 Acre

  • Planting Depth : 1/4” to 1/2”

brassica mix

Blueprint Blend


This 4 part brassica mix will entice the most wary of bucks. It’s high yielding, fast growing brassica and rape will produce the leafy tops desired in the early season. The bulbs will provide the energy needed by the deer from late fall to early winter, giving you a blueprint for your hunting strategies.

  • 4.0 lbs. = 1/2 acre.

  • Bag size= 4.0 lbs

  • Coverage Options:
    1/2 Acre Bag
    1 Acre Bag


deer radish

Deer Radish


A cool season brassica producing desirable greens for early season. It has deep rooting bulbs that become palatable after a hard frost which helps in breaking up the soil to allow nutrients and water in.

  • 4 lbs = 1/2 acre


  • Bag size = 4 lbs

perennial clovers

Foundations Trio


This trio of perennial clovers was designed to be the foundation of the plotting system. The variety of white clover is meant to withstand heavy grazing. They are persistent and long lasting, providing the tonnage and nutrients your herd needs making a green food source from early spring until hard frost.

  • 3.5 lbs = 1/2 acres


  • Bag size = 3.5 lbs

grain, rye, forage brassica and crimson clover

Punch List


This fall blend is the perfect mix of grain rye, forage brassica and crimson clover. It provides the herd a food source needed from late fall into winter, replaced by a great clover stand the following spring. This will put much needed nutrients into the soil and is the perfect mix to close out the season!

  • 12.5 lbs = 1/2 acres


  • Bags size = 12.5 lbs

upland bird seed

Upland Mix


This mix is designed for the upland game bird and provides food and cover into late winter. The mix of milo, sunflowers, millet, and buckwheat will be just what the game birds need!

  • 5 lbs = 1/4 acre


  • Bag size = 5 lbs


Full Potential


Unlock the soils full potential. Correct nutrient lock out and amplify nutrient uptake. Bio stimulants will maximize plant growth and yields. Produce more tonnage and increase palatability. When results matter choose Full Potential!

  • Coverage: 32oz = 1 acre

  • Mixing Ratio: Mix 32 oz. with 15 to 20 gallons of water and apply to 1 acre




This perennial is a great soil build and food source. It is high palatable and highly digestible which is great for withstanding heavy grazing. It is a perfect addition to a clover mix or to plant on it’s own.

  • 3.5 lbs = 1/2 acre


  • Bag size = 3.5 lbs


Supporting Wall


This mix of hybrid sorghum will grow fast and tall with stand ability— reaching 8’ to 12’ which is the perfect way to screen plots and hide access trails. It is also a great option for creating edge and structure in plots. The Supporting Wall product is a perfect addition to any plot design!

  • 5 lbs = 1/4 acre


  • Bag size = 5 lbs

orange hat

Orange / Tan Snapback


Yupoong Classic Snapback. The fit and look everyone loves

Yupoong Classic Snapback. The fit and look everyone loves

olive hat

Olive / Tan Snapback


Yupoong Classic Snapback. The fit and look everyone loves

Yupoong Classic Snapback. The fit and look everyone loves

gray hat

Charcoal / Black Snapback


Yupoong Classic Snapback. The fit and look everyone loves

Yupoong Classic Snapback. The fit and look everyone loves

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